Payroll Administration

Zoe consultancy provides payroll administration for projects, organizations both locally and internationally We compute your payroll, pay your team, remit statutory payments of taxes, pension, NSITF, ITF, NHF
  • Platinum Computation, Payment of staff, Remittances of statutory payments
  • Diamond Computation, Payment of Staff, Preparation of schedule for statutory remittances
  • Gold Computation, Payment of staff
  • Silver Computation only


Services Hiring the right fit for your organization..
  • Platinum Job profile, Job description, Job posting, Selection, Onboarding, starter pack, background/reference/guarantor check, Medicals
  • Diamond Job profile, Job description, Job posting and selection, onboarding, background/reference/guarantor checks
  • Gold Job Profile, Job description, Interview panel,
  • Silver Interview Panel only

HR business process outsourcing

Managing workforce
  • Platinum This package includes two weekly visit for 4 hours, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development, conflict resolution, employee relations, compensation and benefits, statutory remittances, exit administration
  • Diamond This package includes one weekly visit for 4 hours, onboarding, performance management, training and development, conflict resolution, compensation and benefits administration, statutory remittances, exit administration.
  • Gold This includes one weekly visit, Payroll administration, exit administration.
  • Silver This includes payroll administration with or without statutory remittances.

Training and Development

This is available as a package for individuals, organizations and small businesses. Custom on demand training are also available
  • Sales targeted at sales people and sales teams in organizations. Sales for products and services, sales for IT industry, Banking industry etc.
  • Customer Service Training This evergreen training is targeted at all client facing staff and customer service personnel in different industries
  • Microsoft Training – Outlook, Excel, presentation etc.
  • Emotional intelligence Training
  • Supervisory trainings for Managers and Team leads
  • Soft skills training
  • Health and safety training

Other recruitment services

Include placement, CV reviews, interview grooming

Management consulting

Organization design and structure,

Competency framework

Job evaluation

Risk Management Process

Culture and change management

Digital transformation using HR analytics

HR advisory